Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Preview

So, trying out yet another new thing: preview for what I'm going to be doing this month.
(Really it's to give me a schedule of things I need to do this month :P)

I'm going to review ME1 and ME2, since it won the poll, getting almost as much as everything else combined. (I'd post something on it tonight, but I haven't really played enough of it yet and I need to work on it.)

Somewhere in there I'm going to talk about Awakening, the expansion for DA:O, since we (my family) got that recently.

As you should know, E3 is coming (two weeks!) I probably won't be done with ME and ME2 by then, since I'm gone next week, but I'll do one post concerning the big 3 press conferences, and another post with... well, anything and everything else that catches my eye. Hmm, maybe I should take notes.

After that I'll cover Super Mario Galaxy, since I suddenly felt like playing it after hearing how awesome SMG2 is, and if we're all lucky SMG2 as well.

And, finally, either at the end of this month or the beginning of next month, I'll hopefully kick off a rash of shooters with Halo 3. (Hopefully as I'm going to try to get MW2 and Borderlands) Anyone who wants to help with campaign or play multiplayer, or just feels like it, feel free to add me on Xbox Live. Gamertag: Aldowyn. Oh, and post a comment here with your gamertag so I know who it is.

Also I'm thinking about starting out some reader segments, like user-suggested polls, and answering questions from readers, and anything else you faithful readers come up with.

So, that's my plans for this month! Anything else you guys think I should do, comment, please!

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  1. What do you mean ME2 won the vote? You voted for it ALL FIVE TIMES. *mumbles incoherently*