Thursday, June 24, 2010

Indie Games for 360 Reviews!

Hello Again!

Today's is on Indie Game Reviews on the Xbox 360 (of course).

The first game I will review is Super Avatar Hero Force made by UberGeekGames . It is a very simple game to get use to!

Controls: Move RS or LS toward the way you would like to attack but you have to get the timing right or else you would DIE by being eaten by zombie avatars (although they don't look like zombies).

Plot: You become a part of the "Super Avatar Hero Force" and you have to defend the world from a zombie infestation. There are 5 levels in this game, 1 training level and there are 4 other levels that have to do with the plot.
Price: 80 MSPoints  || Final Verdict: I bought it for 80 MSPoints and it's price point is spot on for the kind of game it is. I give Super Avatar Hero Force 2.5 stars out of 5. 

The second game is Avatar Paintball made by DigitalDNA. Once again a very simple game to get if you play alot of shooters because it is a shooter type of game but you are playing paintball.
Controls: Same as any FPS

Plot: THERE IS NO PLOT! its a Online MP Only Game but there is a 1P training mode

Price and Final Verdict: 240 MSPoints The verdict is that this game is fun BUT it is WAY over priced. for a MP only FPS that really should cost maybe 120 MSP but its best price point should be 80 MSP. I give Avatar Paintball 3 stars out of 5.

And my last game is Avatar Racedrome made by Juan Alberto Munoz. (yes I know I put a name instead of a company because one person [supposedly] made this game.)

Controls: Like any race game

Plot: No real plot but there are Practice, Single Race, and Championship modes and a XBL 
MP mode.

Price and Final Verdict: The price for Avatar Racedrome is 80 MSP and it is one of the best XBL Indie Games on the marketplace! I give Avatar Racedrome 4 out of 5

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