Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The First Post

Note from the Editor: Welcome our first new author, DarkPC! This doesn't mean I'll be doing any less; rather, it means that there will be more content for you! DarkPC will be focusing on Microsoft and the Xbox 360. Occasionally he might do posts on other topics, and I'll still be doing posts on 360 things, especially on the games themselves.

Hello Readers, I am Christian Canales AKA DarkPC on the internet.

I will be blogging with Aldowyn on video games. Specifically I’ll be blogging on Xbox 360 and other Microsoft video game musings which includes reviews and news. Also you can contact me via Twitter, @DarkPCTV, and on Xbox Live, GamerTag: e345., or shoot me an e-mail to Now that the introduction is out of the way let’s talk Microsoft!

Update: New Avatar items coming to the Marketplace on 6/24. I will check them out and tweet later on.

Now, first things first, we have to talk about Kinect and its reveal at E3. Kinect is Xbox’s venture into the so called Motion Control “hype.” I for one believe the hype and actively embrace the motion control gaming “hype.” Kinect in my opinion is the best motion control gaming device with the Wii coming in close second. (Author’s Note: Before all the PS3 Fan boys call for my head, hear me out. I have not tried the Move YET! I’m only listing the motion controls that either I have seen been demoed or I have actually tried. So calm down I will get to the Move Eventually, once I get to either see it being demoed or actually demoed it myself.)

Also a new Xbox 360 Model was revealed at E3. It has a 250GB built-in HDD and built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi. Also it is supposedly slimmer than the current model 360 Elite. No major re-designs on the controller or any other peripheral. I have also heard on the internet via that this 360 doesn’t Red Ring but that was quickly shot as Microsoft said that the ring of light are ONLY green the power sign will be red to signify any errors. Would I get a new 360 slim? No, unless something catastrophic would happen to my 360 elite.

Among some of the games that are coming to the 360 in the next 6-9 months are all the Kinect Games including Dance Central, Kinect Joyride, Kinectmals, etc. The retail games that were announced were, Gears 3, Halo Reach, MGS: Rising, CoD: Black Ops, Fable III (finally!), Crackdown 2, and for anyone loves Sports, ESPN is coming to Live!

That is it for now! I’ll be posting more as more Xbox/Microsoft News comes out!

Thanks for Reading and comeback for more if you can!

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  1. Nice post DarkPC, although I think I've heard that instead of having the "red ring of death", the new X-Box will simply have a blinking green light for any errors. Its all rumours for now, so don't take my word for it......yet.

  2. That's what Kotaku originally said- they've changed the article to say that the power symbol turns red- as he said above. I checked it all before it got posted!

  3. I Know i facts and i let aldowyn do fact checking