Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Okay, here goes nothing.

Hey everyone, and thanks for reading this. This blog is where I'm going to be dumping all my thoughts about the games I'm playing, looking at, or paying attention to (and occasionally some other stuff). I will attempt to do a weekly segment with my thoughts on major game releases, and there will be more in-depth posts concerning what I'm playing at the moment. Sometimes I'll be on the same game for weeks, sometimes only a couple days. (Finished Mass Effect 2 essentially in a weekend, but I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins for.. a couple weeks now? Just depends.)

The next couple weeks I'll be doing intro posts, saying my favorite games, preferred genres, my opinions of the consoles, and just a general spread of things to help you get to know me as a gamer. Just bear with me as I try to figure out how I'm doing this, and hopefully you'll enjoy reading along with me and get some information to boot.

Feel free to post any comments of what you think, any suggestions, or pretty much anything else. This is new for me, too!

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