Thursday, July 29, 2010

The New Xbox & Kinect Pricing and Split/Second Review

Hi everyone! In 360 News:
$149.99 Retail on Nov. 4
Just Released on July 25 is the Kinect and 360 S Pricing. First, Kinect will drop on November 4 for $149.99 with a copy of Kinect Adventures. Secondly the Xbox 360 S drops on August 3 for a retail price of $199.99 and last but not least the Kinect Bundle, which includes the Kinect system and a 360 S, retail pricing was released and it will cost $299.99 when it drops on November 4. Also something we weren't told about Kinect at E3 was that Kinect has 4GB of Flash Memory built in. Peculiar? Yes. Also, keeping in Microsoft's tradition to release special console bundles for big games a Halo: Reach Console Bundle was announced on July 22 and priced at $399.99 on September 14, the same day the game drops. And in new game news Street Fighter X Tekken (for SF fans made by CapCom) and Tekken X Street Fighter (For Tekken Fans made by Namco) were announced at Comic-Con on July 14. Both games will be on the PS3 and the 360 a release date is TBD.
Now that the news is out of the way the review can begin!Today, I am reviewing Split/Second on of course the Xbox 360. Split/Second was Developed by BlackRock Studios and Released by Disney Interactive the same team that put out Pure, a ATV racing game. Price: $59.99 (Authors Note: I got it a Costco for $30 with a MFR. Discount) GamePlay: Fairly simple! Right Trigger: Accelerator Left Trigger: Brakes A: LVL 1 Power Play B: LVL 2 Power Play RS: Down Backwards Left, Right Sides (Power Plays will be explained in a bit.)Power Plays: Power Plays are parts of the race track that can be blown-up. e.g. Tram Car rigged with explosives.Online MP: The online MP so far out of the 3 modes available only 1 has online activity.Achievements: Split/Second has a grand total of 46 achievements for 1000 Gamerscore. Personally on my gamertag, I have been able to get 27 out of 46 for 430 Gamerscore.
Final Verdict: Split/Second is a fun game but would I pay $59.99? No. get the game at around $25 to $30.Split/Second gets 3.5 out of 5
7/29 Update: 1 Vs. 100 on XBL has been canceled by Microsoft Game Studios as it was a Beta.
Thank you for reading, I'll be back soon -DarkPC
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