Friday, July 30, 2010

"Musings Update: Expansion and Polish"

Welcome to something that may or may not become a recurring column: Musings Update.
Basically, this post is here to tell you What's New here at Aldowyn's Musings.


If you've been following my twitter feed, @Aldowyn, you know that not only have I made a new twitter account expressly for the blog, @AldowynsMusings (Which you should follow ASAP, btw), you also know that I have been taking the blog and putting it on other sites. You can now find my blog on IGN, 1UP, and Gameinformer. Just search "Aldowyn". On 1UP and Gameinformer, you'll need to go to the blog tab. On IGN, you'll need to go to the people tab, and click on my profile, THEN go to the blog tab. (Also, I joined MyIGN, so friend me if you have! It's basically twitter, except only video games.)

I've even started a user group on the Escapist, here, so join that if you're an escapist.

There's a couple other things coming down the pipeline of my head, but I'm not sure if I'm going to do any of it and I don't want to bring your hopes up. Just keep spreading the word, and I'll be more likely to do something big.


This is a little more vague. You may have noticed that I actually have pictures and videos in my posts now. The main reason for this is to break up the text, but I may use them for other things in the future.

My posts are also a little bit more organized. There still aren't any subtitles or anything, but they should have a nice flow now, moving from topic to topic smoothly. I'm also going to attempt to put any game titles in italics.

Keep spreading the word! Tell your friends, follow me, @darkpctv, @abujafer, and @AldowynsMusings on twitter (make sure to RT whenever there's a new post up!), join the escapist group, do whatever! Thanks! See you tomorrow, for the first of at least two posts on Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty!

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