Wednesday, November 14, 2012

XCOM Propaganda Series - Ideas

So, there's a bunch of people in my internet circle doing XCOM stuff. (Jarenth here and Krellen here), and I particularly enjoyed my first playthrough and I was wondering what I could do that was unique from theirs. One is a traditional LP from the perspective of the player, and one is a narrative driven one from the perspective of the commander.

I had the idea on twitter of a series that is propaganda published either by XCOM itself or by the individual nations. Think like... the Starship Troopers movie. The idea of downplaying the alien threat while emphasizing the heroic actions of the soldiers seems like it could make a fairly compelling entertaining series. I'm not sure what format I'd like to do it in, there are obvious issues with both a text format (here on the blog) and a video format on my youtube channel. First off, I'm not sure at all I have a voice remotely suited to this kind of video, although I could practice a bit and maybe pull it off. There's also the question of variety of shots - I mean, once you've seen a trooper headshot a xeno once, you've seen them all. Some clever editing, clips/shots, and textual/audio context may solve this problem (Basically it just means I have to actually work to make it interesting :D)

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be doing this in some form, although if it doesn't work out I may convert to a traditional LP, or have that going and still do these sometimes (I'm thinking I could do videos focusing on big tech advancements and the introduction of enemies) Part of this post is opening it up to everyone to suggest ideas or suggestions, anything of that nature is welcome. Obviously feedback on whether to do it in text or video would be extremely helpful.

Also if you want to be in said series, post your preferred name, nickname, class, appearance, gender, whatever. I'll probably be starting... next Monday? And do a weekly or biweekly update schedule. Maybe one general "progress of the war" or "be a hero!" video and one video on a more specific topic.


  1. You know I'm down. Just roll with the variety of Internet names I've collected, you know how to make it work.

    While I appreciate the LP plug, the actual first episode is this one. :3

    1. Episode 1 was the last one in my RSS feed, so I was too lazy to make sure. I'll change it, thanks :D

  2. Up for it indeed

    Val (pun), female, sniper....other than that don't care :9

  3. Alan DeHaan, male, anyclass, red hair. This sounds AWESOME.

  4. Unless you'd rather focus your efforts, I don't see why you couldn't do both text and video. One like posters or newspapers, and the other news vids, combat vids, and ads. :D

    I can never get the 40's voice announcer out of my head. xP

    Ian Specktre, male, dark hair, don't care about class (but if by some miracle I turn into a black Scot demoman that would be amazing!)

  5. Pink Putty, "#BRICKSQUAD", don't care about appearance, male, and any class but sniper.

    Personally, I think a combination of video and text is probably the best way to do this kind of LP, like video when you see a new enemy or research new weapon/armor